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Welcome to Frupor...

Nothing is impossible. This is the philosophy on which Frupor S.A. is founded. It permeates the fabric of the company and its dedicated team of professionals.

Located in the beautiful South West Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Nature Reserve in Portugal, Frupor has grown from just an idea in the mind of its Norwegian founder into a modern and flourishing business yet still retains the same drive and pioneering spirit on which it was founded. With an up to 230 strong multi-national workforce, Frupor today feeds key markets throughout Europe’s chillier northern climes with quality fresh farm produce tinted with the sun of its Portuguese origins. It is supplying its core products – Chinese Leaf and Decorative Foliage – fresh- to-market from within Europe.

Since 1987, Frupor S.A. has been producing the “Finest quality vegetables and decorative greens available on the market today,” and that’s no idle claim. Ask TESCO, BRC (British Retail Consortium), GLOBALGAP (world-wide Good Agricultural Practice authority), F2F (Field to Fork), or SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). Each is committed to guaranteeing customers only fresh and top quality agricultural produce plus the ethically best production methods. These endorsements reflect Frupor’s core values which include:

* A willingness to communicate with the market, to understand customer needs and to respond to what the market wants.
* Open-ness to change and to respond to consumer preferences with diversification of crops.
* The desire to apply new and developing technology.
* The achievement of accurate delivery – fresh, on time, in place, as ordered.
* The creation of stakeholder value - for clients, shareholders and employees.
* A determination to always improve, to do better and to be better.

And the company is still growing, acquiring increased production land for organic farming, for carrots and for vines and now diversifying into on-site tourism to provide a rural residential experience for guests.

Energy, enthusiasm, commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction….. This is Frupor S.A.


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